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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Road Wheelset Wheel Sets from Campagnolo Some Free Worldwide Delivery
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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Road Wheelset   Wheel Sets

The secret of this legendary wheel lies in the details that make it truly unique and unrivalled. And the innumerable victories are its best testimony. The Bora™ Ultra wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo® wheels. Perhaps the most noticeable improvement will come in the form of a new, wider profile of the Bora rim. Moving the width from 20.5mm to 24.2mm allowed engineers not only to improve upon aerodynamics but also to house wider clincher tyres. The wider tyres increase control as the contact area between tyre and asphalt is increased, thus improving grip in addition to creating a more comfortable ride. The new wider structure also represents an increase in structural strength, thus rendering the already universally lauded resistance and reliability of the Bora even more adept at handling any course or condition that presents itself on race day. The wider structure aids in aerodynamics, increases structural integrity but also allows engineers to create a lighter version of the famed Bora wheel. While the contrary might seem more likely, the larger profile of the Bora rim creates a stronger structure with less need for material intended for structural reinforcement. Campagnolo is thus able to give increased structural integrity at a lower weight with regards to the rim. The graphic application was also studied and a new method was utilised which allows Campagnolo to apply the logos via water transfer thus avoiding heavier adhesives. This too represents a weight savings of nearly 15 grams in addition to a cleaner and more durable aesthetic quality. Weight is further reduced thanks to a smaller profile front hub applied to this new Bora design. Campagnolo engineers were able to reduce the weight and size of the hub while maintaining all of the performance characteristics of the previous version. In other words, the same fantastic Bora performance in a smaller package. Bearings with CULT technology The combination between the highest quality ceramic bearings and housing in special Cronitect® steel. CULT makes the wheel nine times smoother than the standard system of steel bearings. G3 Technology Campagnolo has developed an assembly architecture which, compared with a traditional wheel, makes it possible to improve energy transfer, reduce the stress on the spokes on the right and increase transverse rigidity. This is achieved because in G3 geometry the right-hand side of the rear wheel is fitted with twice as many spokes as the left. The results of G3 system are truly extraordinary: better transfer of the driving torque, better lateral rigidity, reduction of the stress in the rear wheel spokes. And thanks to the G3 system that compensates for the forces acting on the 2 sides of the wheel, there are no more wheel vibrations, even for heavier people. G3 becomes Mega-G3 thanks to the oversize flange. This solution allows the increase of the torsional stiffness values even more, to the benefit of the overall responsiveness of the wheel. Campagnolo Carbon Wheels (The Bora Family) The carbon fibre used by Campagnolo is unrivalled and, so thanks to studies by the Campy Tech Lab designers, Campagnolo carbon wheels have become a market benchmark. In 2015, the Bora family will be made over, not only with an increase in the width of the rim to better adapt to the new series of tyres on the market and so guarantee maximum safety levels, aerodynamics and comfort, but also with the introduction of the new carbon clincher wheels (Bora 35 and 50). This means no more worrying about a puncture during training as from today you are free to use your full-carbon wheel whenever you go out on your bike.  

Price at Wiggle Online Cycle Shop: £1699.91
SAVE 32%!
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