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FILORGA Eyes-Absolute 15ml

Not all eye treatments were created equal, and according to a study conducted by FILORGA and IFOP*, only 7% of women state that products currently available on the market adequately reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of wrinkles, shadows and puffiness below the eyes. In response to these findings, FILORGA has created EYES-ABSOLUTE(r) an innovative, next-generation formula inspired by aesthetic medicine to offer an unrivalled smoothing, lifting and brightening effect around the eye contour. Aesthetic medicine offers a number of protocols such as Botox, Blepharoplasty, Hyaluronic Acid injections and Mesotherapy, to act upon signs of ageing around the eyes. As such, FILORGA has combined the most effective medicine-like active ingredients to mimic the results of traditional treatments to create a pioneering, 6-in-1 formula. The efficacy of this proven combination is enhanced by cryotherapy which optimises the penetration of active ingredients whilst offering instant rejuvenation. The cryo-stimulating effect simultaneously treats wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, heavy eyelids and overall lack of radiance delivering both instant and long-term preservation of youth. EYES-ABSOLUTE(r) employs six aesthetic medicine techniques to visibly rejuvenate the eye contour in six dimensions: - Wrinkles - A multi-action complex comprising redensifying low-weight hyaluronic acid, restorative pro-vitamin B5, a protective peptide and anti-oxidant green algae is combined with a Botox-like tripeptide. These active ingredients help restore moisture, boost cell renewal and collagen production whilst inhibiting its degradation to ensure a smoothing action on all levels of the skin. - Sagging Eyelids - Silk tree extract native to Asia and extract of Divine herb deliver a lifting and firming effect on eyelids. Collagen and elastin synthesis are boosted by 256% and 229% respectively. Dark Circles and Puffiness - A blend of Carcinine, decongesting peptides derived from soya and rice protein plus high-weight hyaluronic acid, selected for its deep-filling ability, tackles all types of dark circle (brown, purple or hollow) and helps to reduce puffiness. - Thinning Eyelashes - Tetrapeptide 3 activates the production of essential proteins needed to establish stronger roots and prevent premature eyelash shedding. This active is combined with Isoflavone extract of red clover which acts on the base of the hair follicle to enable a shorter lash growth cycle resulting in longer, fuller eyelashes over time. - Loss of Radiance - White pearls rich in trace elements and cellular proteins and crystalline soft-focus agents instantly brighten the eye area thanks to their light-reflecting properties. The cryo-applicator and cryo-texture has double effect for accelerated efficacy: - Cryo-Applicator = Cryo-Simulator - Composed of several metals that have a cooling effect, the EYES-ABSOLUTE(r) applicator delivers instant results, boosting micro-circulation and decongesting the skin around the eye contour whilst helping to relax the eye area for a radiant and smoothed appearance. - Cryo-Texture = Cryo-Penetration - A cooling active ingredient in the cryo- texture delivers a cooling action that lasts 24 hours on the skin. The pioneering innovation further stimulates micro-circulation to allow for enhanced penetration of the active ingredients within the formula thereby boosting its efficacy. ACTION ON WRINKLES AND EYELIDS: AFTER 28 DAYS Contour smoothed: 83%** Eyelids smoothed: 63%** Eyelids lifted: 66%** ACTION ON DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFINESS: AFTER 28 DAYS Dark circles faded: 73%** Puffiness reduced: 70%** Dark circles filled: 70%** Eyes de-stressed: 83%** ACTION ON RADIANCE AND EYELASH CONDITION: AFTER 28 DAYS Eyes brightened: 76%** Radiance boosted: 70%** Eyes awakened: 77%** Fuller eyelashes:73%** CLINICAL TRIALS Clinically proven to rejuvenate the eye contour, EYES-ABSOLUTE(r) offers a unique 6-in-1 approach to target all signs of ageing around the eyes. *Studies FILORGA IFOP 2015 and 2016, 1,000 French women aged between the ages of 35 and 65 ** Tests on 30 women using EYES-ABSOLUTE(r) for 28 days

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